Workshop on Foundation models
1st foundation model challenge 

Keynote Speakers 

Rongrong Ji is currently a Professor and the Director of the Intelligent Multimedia Technology Laboratory and the Dean
Assistant with the School of Information Science and Engineering, Xiamen University. His research falls in the field of computer 
vision and machine learning. He serve as area chair of CVPR 2021, and associate editors in Neurocomputing, Multimedia 
Tools and Applications, The Visual Computer, PLOS ONE, Frontiers of ComputerScience etc., guest editors in ACM Transactions 
on Intelligent Systems and Technology, IEEE Multimedia Magazine,Signal Processing, Neurocomputing etc., General Chair of 
VALSE (Vision And Learning SEminar) 2017,Local/Session/Area Chairs in IEEE MMSP 2015, ACM ICMR 2014, IEEE VCIP 2014, 
ACM MMM 2015, IEEE ISM 2015etc. TPC Members in AAAI 2015, CVPR 2013, ICCV 2013, ACM Multimedia 2010-2015 etc. 
He have been a SeniorMember of IEEE (2014-now), Senior Member of ACM (2015-now), Chair of VAIG Group for IEEE Multimedia
Communication Technical Committee (MMTC) (2014-2016), Member of ACM, Chair of CCF YOCSEF Xiamen (2016-2017), and 
Executive Member of Fujian Association of Artificial Intelligence. He was a recipient of the ACM MultimediaBest Paper Award and
 the Best Thesis Award of the Harbin Institute of Technology. He have published 100+ papers intier-1 journal and conferences like

Lingxi Xie is currently a senior researcher at Huawei Inc. He obtained B.E. and Ph.D. in 
engineering, both from Tsinghua University, in 2010 and 2015, respectively. He also served 
as a post-doctoral researcher at the CCVL lab from 2015 to 2019, having moved from the 
University of California, Los Angeles to the Johns Hopkins University. Lingxi's research
 interests lie in computer vision, in particular, the application of deep learning models. His 
research covers image classification, object detection, semantic segmentation, and other 
vision tasks. He is also facilitating the application of automated machine learning and  vision 
foundation models to the above research fields. Lingxi has published over 90 papers in top-tier 
international conferences and journals and gained more than 10000 citations.